The Inked Stamper Goodbye!

Well I know it’s been a while, needless to say I have been busy! As always, I swear that each day goes by faster & faster. I can’t believe Christmas was here and gone and another year is here! 2015 is going to be so much fun I can feel it!!!!!
Anyways as you probably noticed the title of this post is The Inked Stamper Goodbye! 😦 It’s with a sad face but happy heart I say goodbye to an amazing journey. This last weekend my favourite Scrapbooking store and employer closed it’s doors. Another locally and family owned store is gone. Though it is truly sad knowing I won’t be heading there tomorrow for my regular Saturday shift I know with all my heart my Scrapbooking and crafting journey is hardly over but really just starting. First and for most I have to Thank the owner of the store Dawn, not only was she absolutely amazing to work for she is also one of my Best Friends. She took a chance on me, let me teach at her store when I had never taught a class in my life! She let be creative in my way, she made me part of the team with trust and loyalty that not just everyone gives anymore. She stood by my side when I had my doubts, when I was nervous, and when I need extra time. This was my DREAM job! I got to meet, shake hands and hang out with some of the most talented and amazing artists in this industry. I am truly blessed to even call some of them my friends now!!! Me! Little ol Me!!! Jamie Dougherty, Limor Webber, Finnabair, Cari Fennel, Donna Downy, and Dina Wakley!!!! I got meet and take classes with all of these AMAZING artists all because of Dawn and The Inked Stamper! There are not enough words to say how truly grateful I am to her!!!!!!!!!!! I would never be where I am today without her! Jamie Dougherty Bloom Girl Design Team, teacher and designer! I am blown away! Not only did I get to meet amazing artists I got to meet & make amazing friends. Friends that never missed one of my classes, friends that came to the shop just to see me and talk, friends that a support me and encourage me!!! You truly couldn’t ask for anything more. How many people actually jump out of bed to go to work?? Not many?!?! Well I was one of them, and I am truly thankful for every kind word, every piece of advice, every encouragement and every single one of you!!!!!!! This post is not a goodbye but an I will see you soon on our next adventure together!!!!! I love you all!!!!








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