Busy! Busy! Busy!!!

Well it’s been a crazy!!! Super fun and exciting but crazy!! I have been teaching non-stop to sold out classes!!! So exciting!!! Designing like mad!! We moved the shop! (The Inked Stamper) The new space is amazing!!! So much more shopping room and so much more class space it’s truly amazing & sooooo exciting!!!
My boss/friend and I got the opportunity to go to Art Venture Canada in Cornwall, ON by the AMAZING Prima Marketing Inc. I seriously can not tell you how much of a dream come true this trip was for me. Man oh Man can Prima put together a truly amazing event!!!! Not only did I come home with enough Prima goodies that my suit case was actually coming apart at the seams but I got to meet, talk & take classes from Jamie Dougherty, Cari Fennell & Limor Webber from the Prima’s Education Team!!!!! To me meeting these women was a dream come true!!! I have been following and loving them since I started crafting. All 3 are huge part of my inspiration and I am truly grateful i got to meet them!!!
Here are some of the projects we made.

Limor Webber’s Class

Cari Fennell’s Class

Jamie Dougherty’s Class

If you ever get the chance to go it’s worth every penny!!! Absolutely amazing!!!


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