Prima Optimist Line!!

Well ladies I think I am in love! lol! Prima Marketing Inc. has done it again and I seriously can not get enough!!! I love everything about them, from there flowers, to there paper, to there never ending embellishments. I just can’t stop!!! I stay up till 2-3 in the morning watching YouTube or UStream “Live with Prima” shows. Cari Fennel, Stephanie Miller, Limor Webber the list could go on and on!!!! Lol! They are such inspiration!!!!
So anyways I will get on with my story……I was out craft shopping (Surprise! Surprise!) and I came across the amazing new Prima Optimist collection!! AMAZING! I can’t stop creating with it!!! Layouts, Mini Albums, Cards, you name it I just can’t stop!! Lol! Sooooo in love!!! So I thought I should share, so you to can fall in love with me!!! Here’s a look at my layouts!! Enjoy!!




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